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Seoul Sausage: Food Truck Statement

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Korean BBQ x Sausages… what a mix!

The Seoul Sausage Company was born to be different.  Mixing favorite elements of food created a strong following of foodies and put the new restauranteurs on the map.  They have many accolades, including winning Season 3 of The Great Food Truck Race, but we’re focused on one.  The Scion xB Sausage-mobile.

Seoul Sausage Food Truck

Scion xB x Food Truck?

MV Designz turned the usual xB into a sausage grilling, mobile marketing, head turner.  The xB has always been a basic box that was begging to be customized.  Scion’s mission is to offer cars that are blank templates for you do make your own.  Living outside the box is one way to look at this, but it really makes sense.

Seoul Sausage Scion XB Grilling Food Truck

Seoul Sausage XB Grilling Machine
From a functional perspective, you have the ability to create as much food as necessary with a decent sized grill, however, you have a more compact vehicle that can service more venues.

Adding two flatscreens to the back allow them to showcase promotions or have a digital menu of what is being cooked up.  Impressive.

Next time I’m in LA, I’ll be checking these guys out!

If Batman had a Sausage-mobile, this would be it. –Chris Oh, Seoul Sausage Co.

Seoul Sausage Scion XB Grilling Food Truck

Seoul Sausage

Seoul Sausage Customized Scion xB Food Truck

Seoul Sausage Scion Xb Custom Built Food Truck Grill



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