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Aerial Photos: 10 Confusing Highway Interchanges

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With our cities growing, so must the roads to accommodate more people and traffic.  After a couple of awesome pics came across our Tumblr Dashboard (#3 made it) we decided to browse through Flickr and see if we could find more great photography and crazy, confusing highway interchanges.

The comments we saw while we were looking were priceless too.  Some defensive, “Traffic in LA is worse” or “my GPS can’t even help with this” or Turned here the other day, should have gone straight” and our favorite, “if your not a local, guaranteed your gonna get lost!”

Its all true, some of the most complicated driving can’t be perfected with your favorite GPS tool.  Some places have 4 exicts within a quarter of a mile, “…which one am I supposted to take, oh f*&k. That one.  Now where do I go?”

The closest we have found is using Street view on Google Maps to get a visual before attempting.  But how would you know.  Any way, as confusing as these may be to drivers, they are incredible works of art.  City planners should be proud of these urban architectural masterpieces.   Credits to the photographers are below each photo.  Check out their Flickr pages for more photography.

1) YVR Knot

YVR knot by ecstaticist on Flickr

Coming to and from the Vancouver Airport, this is what you face.  Go the wrong way, maybe you’ll miss your flight… maybe. by ecstaticist on Flickr

2) Bankok Expressway Interchange

Baiyoke Bankok View by Gary Wong Photography

by Gary Wong Photography

3) Beautiful and Confusing

Beatiful View and Confusing Interchange

Found this one on our Tumblr Dashboard… tried to figure out where this is.  Anyone know? Update: Thanks Rawi, its Hong Kong!

4) Stream of Lights Tehran’s Interchange

Tehran, my beautiful city with a flow of lights

5) Shanghai: Yanan East Interchange

Shanghai, Yenen east interchange

6) Dubai Mall Interchange

Dubai Mall Interchange By Sheval79 on Flickr

By Sheval79 on Flickr

7) Highway #1, Intersection 105 & 110, Los Angeles, California

Highway #1, Intersection 105 & 110, Los Angeles, California by Edward Burtynsky, 2003

How could we do this post without including some traffic from LA?  The notorious traffic of southern California can be blamed somewhat on the highway design.  Makes for great photography though.  Photo credit to Edward Burtynsky, 2003

8) Pennsylvania Turnpike

Pennsylvania Turnpike by globerover

This is from Globerover which has all Google Earth images.  Pretty cool site to check out

9) Osaka Interchange

Osaka Interchange on Google Earth captured by Globerover

Another brilliant find on Google Earth by Globerover.  The infastructure in Japan is incredible.  With such a high per capita population, its amazing how everyone gets around every day.

10) Spaghetti Junction, Atlanta Georgia

spaghetti junction highway interchange Atlanta georgia

Many photos of this “city planning gone wrong” interchange.  But it fits our top 10 here.  Photo credits to Clover Leaf school

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